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Sectional Water Tanks

Strong. Solid. Reliable.

A sectional storage tank can be used for storing large volumes of cold water for
potable or non-potable use. Sectional water tank panels are moulded from the
composite material Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), which provides a strong,
solid and reliable structure. Suited for both internal and external applications,
they are capable of withstanding harsh climatic conditions. Our tanks are
delivered to site palletised and are assembled by our site crews. Whether
it’s a water tank replacement or a new build, we have the experience,
flexibility and knowledge to meet your requirements.

Capacity Types

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Options and Ancillaries

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sectional water tank

Sectional Water Tank Range

Hot Press Sectional Tank


Insulation Thickness

38mm as standard (0.57w/m2/⁰C) & 50mm (0.40w/m2/⁰C) is also available

Totally Internally Flanged (TIF) Sectional Tank


Insulation Thickness

25mm as standard (0.85w/m2/⁰C), 50mm (0.40w/m2/⁰C) is also available

Capacity Types Explained

Nominal vs Actual Capacity

Nominal Capacity is the volume of the tank when it is filled to the brim.

Actual Capacity is the volume contained within the tank up to the maximum working level. This is dependent on the inlet size and air gap selection.

Calculator Tools

Use our popular tools to help calculate your tank size

Calculator Tools

Use our popular tools to help calculate your tank size

dewey waters water tank calculator tools

Sectional Water Tank Options

  • Externally Flanged Base, Externally Flanged Sides (EFB) – a fully self-draining configuration installed on raised piers or steelwork (min 600mm high) Available in metric 1m & 0.5m panels up to 4m high.
  • Internally Flanged Base, Externally Flanged Sides (IFB) – where headroom is restricted this tank is suitable for installation on a flat and level plinth. Available in metric 1m & 0.5m panels up to 4m high.
  • Totally Internally Flanged (TIF) – available in lateral increments of 250mm and vertical increments of 50mm up to 3m high. This tank system is ideal when tank room space is restricted.


Visit our Knowledge Hub for supporting documentation, technical
data, downloads and more..

Options & Ancillary Items

  • Insulated, suitable for storage of wholesome water (potable water)
  • Un-insulated for storing of water for non-wholesome applications
  • Tanks are assembled using 316 grade S/S bolts internally and galvanised bolts externally, complying with current British Standards
  • An access hatch is supplied as standard for tank maintenance and access
  • We provide a screened vent with all tanks for ventilation
  • Raised Float Valve Housing to increase the usable volume of water
  • Tank division for buildings requiring un-interrupted water supply. The divider allows one side of the tank to be drained down for maintenance, whilst water supply is maintained from the second segment of the tank
  • Where the tank height is greater than 1.5m, internal and external ladders are needed.
  • Connections and float valves: Our sales team will discuss various options available
  • A side access hatch can be beneficial where height restrictions apply. It also permits access in the event of personnel getting into difficulties inside the tank, while carrying out maintenance work.

Case Studies

Our latest projects / See all case studies

Hotel cold water storage tank


Water Storage Tank Installation

Supply & install reduced capacity wet riser
tank & potable cold water storage tank

School Sprinkler Tank Installation


Water Storage Tank Installation

Manufacture & Install a Hot press sectional
water storage tank with externally flanged
sides and base levelling steels.



Water Storage Tank Installation

Manufacture & Install a Hot press sectional
water storage tank.

Deeside College Water Tank Installation


Water Tank Installation

To supply, deliver, offload, position, and
install a GRP hot press externally
flanged sectional tank.



Fire Suppression Tank Installation

Manufacture & Install a Fire suppression
water storage tank

sectional water tank


Water Storage Tank Installation

To supply, deliver and install 1 x insulated
sectional GRP water storage tank,
8000 litres nominal capacity.



Water Storage Tank Installation

Manufacture & Install a selection of water storage
tanks, hot press, one piece, sectional tanks



Water Storage Tank Installation

Manufacture & Install a Totally internally flanged tank

Priory Mechanical Services
“The installation process was smooth and very efficient.

We will continue to use Dewey Waters as the service we receive is always excellent.”

Product supplied: Sectional Tank HLU TIF 2.25m x 1.00m x 2.00m


Priory Mechanical Services


Specialising in the manufacture of both one piece and sectional cold water storage tanks, our experience ensures that we are able to accommodate virtually all client requirements.

On time Delivery

Placing and receiving your order is a straightforward, hassle-free process.

Technical Advice

We provide high levels of technical knowledge, product choice and customer service.

Fully Certified

Dewey Waters is an accredited & certified GRP water tank manufacturer.

Experts Installation

60 years’ industry experience in both Water Storage and GRP industries.