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Tank supply and assembly options

Dewey waters can offer clients different options when exporting water tanks. For those who have the resources and expertise for self-assembly, we can provide a supply only service, leaving the customer with detailed instructions and the option to assemble the tank at a time of their convenience. Alternatively we can provide a complete supply and assembly service. Where assembly is requested, Dewey Waters offer two further options:

Complete tank assembly

When clients requires a tank to be fully assembled after delivery, Dewey Waters are able to send our highly trained assembly crews to construct the water tank on site. Along with our water tanks, we send detailed guidelines on assembly preparation, including details on foundation requirements which must be in place prior to the start of the assembly process. Upon completion of an appropriately constructed base/foundation, our crews can then proceed with assembly of the tank.

Supervised tank assembly

The most common option when exporting is for us to send one of our highly trained supervisors to your site. They will then instruct and supervise a local crew provided by the customer. This is the most cost effective option to ensure the tank is correctly installed and complies with the full warranty instructions. Dewey Waters are able to carry out our tank assembly services anywhere in the world – for more information, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.