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    Quote Checklist

    We have listened to our customers and have included a checklist that will help you with the quote process.


    Project Enquiry Checklist

    To assist us in providing you with a fast and accurate quotation, we require the following information:

    • Your full company name and address
    • Tank Size
    • Tank Type
    • Duty of tank e.g. Wholesome, Sprinkler etc.
    • What standards/accreditations should it meet e.g. BS EN 13121
    State connection types if available?
    • Inlet Size & Type
    • Overflow Size (Minimum 2 x diameter of inlet)
    • Warning Pipe Size
    • Outlet Size & Type
    • Drain Size
    • Twin or Single Compartment Arrangement
    • Raised Ballvalve Chambers


    Uploading a PDF Checklist

    Have you included the following?

    • Your full company name and address
    • Mechanical Specification
    • Plantroom Drawing or Specification


    Need help sizing the correct tank?

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