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Sectional Water Tanks 101 

CPD Certificate

Course Description

Our CPD Course will provide you and your colleagues with a complete learning course on the principles of configuring and specifying a water tank. This assists in improving the specification process and increasing the success rate of installation projects.

As M&E consultants, engineers and specifiers, you will have the opportunity to gain a wider understanding of the regulations and rules governing the industry, the different tank capacities and their impact on tank design and sizing

Course Type: Presentation Guide

Learning Type: Self-learning

Time frame for completion: 2 hours

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Market Leading GRP Manufacturer

We pride ourselves on being a leading brand in the manufacturing and supply of GRP water storage tanks and have therefore designed this course to help industry professionals gain valuable skills and expertise on the specification of water tanks, industry regulations, tank design and capacities amongst many other topics.

We have an article that highlights what CDP is and what this CPD Certified Course means for Dewey Waters. It goes in depth, explaining the technical benefits that the Sectional Water Tanks 101 course will offer.

Water Storage Tanks